Today’s complex environments engulf ongoing implementations. Many a times, project managers need to run more than one project at a time. Some projects over-lap, some projects may not run smoothly, or require lot of attention. One of the most difficult parts of handling project is to follow up on all the small issues that arise as the project is underway or on the verge of deadline. Project management is a method and a disciplined approach to managing chaos that arise during implementations. It provides a framework for working amidst persistent change. Thanks to TGMT Systems Inc, for bringing solution to this problem with their product project-drive at web to make the process simpler. It helps in linking resources that are assigned to tasks and assignment work estimated, the program calculates the cost equals the work times the rate, which rolls up to the task level and then to any summary tasks and finally to the project level. Not just the product eases the work of the project managers but also of the top management as they can have a tailor made enterprise solution in no time with a dedicated support team and that too at a very competitive pricing.

Features of the Tool

Project-drive is one of the best tools to come across in case you are very serious in aligning your project to your initial scope. The Dashboard, Gantt Charts and Resource allocations ensure that the scope of the project is well defined earlier and is maintained religiously under well defined costs. Apart from the one time activities it provides an additional benefit of keeping track of recurring tasks which under normal conditions are skipped by the project manager causing a time lag to enter in the project in later stages.

Figure 1: Addition of recurring tasks

Resources (people, equipment and materials) are defined and can be shared between projects using a shared resource pool. Each resource can have its own calendar, which defines what days and shifts a resource is available. Resource rates are used to perform cost analysis and prepare budget base lines for a particular project. Each resource can be assigned to multiple tasks in multiple projects and each task can be assigned multiple resources. All resources can be defined in an enterprise-wide resource pool which helps the top management to see the utilization factor of its resource pool. Each time a resource is assigned a task he is notified about it by an automatically generated email which also can act as the starting point for the task and notice the time to completion for the task.
The product helps you to create a link between various tasks thus allowing you to implement Critical Path Management and Critical Chain Project Management for your project. The tasks and links between them so created can be used as a template for other projects. In this world of tight schedules and similar projects this feature is very handy and something which many managers can’t do away with.

Figure 2: Linking tasks to each other for CPM and CCPM

How is it useful to an organization?
All said and done the important question which an organization asks is “Why should I trust a new product when I have established players working in this arena? “. A simple answer to that will be a basic price comparison would show that any conventional product is far more costly as compared to Project-drive. Moreover, each time a newer version of any product is rolled the support of the earlier version ceases while project-drive gives you a commitment to a reliable web-based platform, with unlimited email support, phone support and free of charge documentation. It is providing full data security, options to migrate the data in various formats, effective user management for the rights and ownerships thus enabling your organization to move towards a virtual team model which any product in its category is unable to provide you. To summarize, it is a futuristic tool which is going to make your organization move towards an effective and efficient way of working and also shaving off few dollars from your IT bill.

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    This tool is used for different purposes, like communication, collaboration,
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    to sync with your mobile device. The remainder of the article will discuss how each application can help you with your project management tasks.

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    Hi, thank you for your effort its great knowledge about the software this will be a great help to project manager those who are handling different project I will refer this to everyone.

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